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Great Comic of the late 70's-early 80's!
Yup- in my humble opinion it'd have to be DC Comics Presents, starring Superman.
Seems the series was started due to the Superman movies that premiered at the time, and served to showcase the Man of Steel teaming up with various heroes of the DC Universe.I suppose it could also be seen as the answer to the Brave and the Bold series, which featured Batman -- although originally that series had various sorts of stories or team-ups in its initial run.
The other fun aspect of the series was that which also was common in other DC series of that era:
The heroes team-up with little or less drama (unlike the practice over at Marvel) - so the camaraderie between the stars is showcased instead. While most won't probably see it, the DC heroes also had problems and everyday goings-on in their lives too, but it seems they were able to keep them separate from their super-hero careers. Of course, the cool thing for DC Comics of the time is that you weren't necessarily obliged to read a given title each month (excepting 2-3 parters) - so you were able to skip given numbers of issues and come back to things still being the same for the most part.
Unfortunately, it seems in later years this type of storytelling both fell out of favor when compared to the angst and ongoing story-lines that became the norm in other comics.
Therefore, now when this type of storytelling is used it's deemed to be "for kids", but regardless I enjoy collecting these comics that I unfortunately wasn't able to buy back then since I was rather young.


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