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emeraldbeam's Journal

15 May
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I've always enjoyed comics (both funny animal, detective/action, and superhero - especially DC!) but wasn't able to buy them as a kid.
Now that I can buy them, I'll post little reviews and suggestions from my never-ending stack of comics, along with other interesting bits found along the way.
Also I enjoy classic cartoons of all sorts along with learning about their animators, as well as both old and new comedians from all eras.
I'll be putting this journal gradually and adding things to it as time goes by!
2 1/2 men, 50 cent, 50's oldies, a.c. doyle, alan scott, alexandre dumas, american dad, aquaman, archie, baldo, ben stiller, big bang theory, big boy's neighborhood, black eyed peas, black lightning, blue beetle, bob hope, booster gold, bugs bunny, busta rhymes, buster keaton, captain marvel, chilly willy, chuck berry, classic animation, cockatiels, comedy, conan o'brien, cuba, cumbia, daffy duck, dan jurgens, dana carvey, dance music, dancehall reggae, dashiell hammett, dc comics, digital underground, diners drive-ins & dives, dj quik, dr. dre, droopy, eazy-e, eddie murphy, elvis presley, english springer spaniels, fairly oddparents, family guy, farrelly brothers, felix the cat, frankie valli, funk, garfield, geoff johns, george lopez, get fuzzy, goofy, green arrow, green lantern, green lantern corps, guinea pigs, hal jordan, hamsters, harold lloyd, hawkman, heckle & jeckle, history, how i metyour mother, huckleberry hound, james brown, jay leno, jay-z, john stewart, johnny bravo, jules verne, justice league of america, justice society of america, katt williams, kermit the frog, keroro gunso, king of queens, krypton, kyle rayner, laurel & hardy, legion of super-heroes, little richard, los angeles, los angeles angels, los angeles dodgers, los angeles galaxy, los angeles lakers, mad tv, mario puzo, mark twain, martin lawrence, metal men, mexico, mickey mouse, mickey spillane, mixing/editing music, mutts, new gods, no reservations anthony bourdain, oa, outkast, p. diddy, p.g. wodehouse, pac-man, parliament funkadelic, peanuts, pharrell, pit bull, plastic man, popeye, portugal, prince, public enemy, roger troutman, run dmc, screwy squirrel, sgt. frog, snoop dogg, snoopy, southern california, spike feresten, superman, the atom, the beach boys, the cleveland show, the flash, the game, the platters, the rolling stones, the three stooges, timbaland, tonight show, top cat, uncle scrooge, wayans brothers, wc, west coast hip-hop, will ferrell, wonder woman, woody woodpecker, yogi bear, zorro